For many high school students, the college essay is an important part of the college application process. A good college essay showcases who you are, rather than lists what you have done. Whether our students are working with a tutor online, working with a Vail tutor or in-person at another Summit County or Eagle County location, they are always focused on portraying the positive personality traits they wish to demonstrate to college admissions representatives.

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Here are a few quick college essay tips followed by a successful college essay example written by one of our Breckenridge students.


  1. Be yourself.
  2. Write a revealing essay that’s shows who you are.
  3. Present yourself as humble.
  4. Think of the essay more as a piece of creative writing.


  1. Ramble. Write concisely and illustrate your points eloquently.
  2. Brag. You want to speak positively about yourself, but not to the extent that you come across as a braggart.
  3. Make something up. Write honestly about an experience, person, etc that has impacted you.

Successful College Essay Examples #1 for the Common Application 

Out by the sand bar where the mediocre waves break best, I find myself sitting on my 10ft longboard alongside my cousins and little brothers. The Jersey Shore decorated like a Christmas tree, packed with colorful umbrellas and kids’ playful activities. Just beyond the beach stands the big pink house; a beacon to tell us if the rip current is creating massive space between us and the parents posted up on the beach. With the sharp tug of the current through my toes, I’m reminded to give a head count of the four boys bobbing in the water.

My brothers, being locals of the small town of Fairplay, Colorado are completely foreign to the unique sport of surfing. Wave after wave, I pull them into friendly swells and wait in anticipation to see the two boys spring up from behind the back of the wave. Being naturals at skiing, Crue and Riley have a strong concept of balance and shoot upright with the first three waves.

Even though I have a strong hankering to hang ten myself, I spend most of the time swimming all the way back into shore to pull the petite groms back out to catch the next set. “Again! Again!” Riley screams passionately. From sunrise to sunset the boys show no sign of slowing.
As much as I wanted to surf on my own, I continued to pull them out and push them in to waves. That summer I realized the importance of responsibility. Due to the absence of my mother on the beach, I inherited the parent role. Being the oldest of six children, losing my mother to leukemia was a dramatic change for me. I was forced to stand tall- to be a role model. But when lying on our boards out in the water, I was put at eye-level with the boys. When we stand up, I don’t only notice the difference in height and skill level; I also notice they are surfing because of me. I taught them all they know about the sport of surfing. Maggie, my mother, would have loved to see her boys stand up on the waves of the east coast.
The time spent in the water gave me time to reflect on the simplicity of the joys of life. I learned to always be content no matter the size of the wave. The feeling of contentment from teaching and the sense of responsibility will have the same effect as ripples in the water.

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