Just as quickly as we welcomed the New Year, the month of January is coming to an abrupt end. For many of us here at Sage, that means it’s THAT time of year again. Spring ACT and SAT prep season will be here in no time!

Wondering what the worth of one-on-one or class time ACT or SAT prep is to you or your child? Every spring, Sage offers both one-on-one and classroom prep for high school students. During these tutoring sessions, students will learn the content of each exam and strategies specific to the ACT or SAT.  Tutors at Sage are trained to teach strategies created by analysis of over 10 years of ACT and SAT exam material.

ACT course or Private ACT prep

One-on-one and course prep sessions are designed to target every section and strategy of the ACT or SAT exam. Typically, classes are held for 2-hour sessions over 4 weeks, and one-on-one sessions are held for 1-hour sessions over 8 weeks. Depending on strengths and weaknesses and college goals of each student, Sage offers a combination of classes and one-on-one tutoring to best fit individual needs. Curriculum covers an array of strategies from timing to passage mapping. Did you know that learning how to map out a science passage could be more beneficial than understanding the actual science behind it? Want to know how to K.I.S.S. when answering an English question? Our section-specific strategies target the core of each exam and trending types of questions that appear year after year.

Spring is an exciting and nerve racking time of year for students considering college entrance exams. If you are wondering if one-on-one or class sessions are for you or your child, the answer is yes! With years of experience, Sage will streamline preparation to overall success. Most importantly, our tutors value the success of every student. Join us for the 2016 season of exam prep- we promise to have a bit of fun along the way!