Sage Difference

The Sage Tutoring Service Difference

We Believe

  • The learning process should be empowering and inspirational.

  • In using the latest technology in a way that is affordable and accessible to young learners.

  • In encouraging students to pursue their passions.

  • Students are the best innovators, and the best innovations come from making mistakes.

  • Our tutors should be the facilitators of creativity and individual expression.

Our personalized academic tutoring services help our students develop the tools they need to excel on their own. 


Our Approach to Tutoring Services

We work one-on-one with students who need a little extra help and would benefit from a math tutor, English tutor, or even just someone to help with study skills. At our tutoring service center, we also encourage students to work collaboratively in small groups and have found that this type of interaction produces great results. Our instructors encourage open communication and a student-centered atmosphere. We challenge students to think outside the box to come up with solutions to problems from their homework or problems they see in real life.

We pay special attention to the individual learning styles and our tutors adjust their teaching style to compliment what works best for our students.  Contact us today.  Schedule a tutoring service consultation with one of our experienced staff.  

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"My tutor provides a great learning atmosphere where I feel comfortable asking questions. His technique is thorough and fun. I feel confident that I understand the concepts he presents at the end of each sessions. He is flexible and accommodates my individual learning style."

Tasha (Frisco, CO)